do-you-hate-rne-yet-rowan said: would it look bad if I just sewed the god tier symbol on my shirt?

Bad Is Relative But I Would Strongly Advise The Use Of Heat  Bond Before Simply Top Stiching The Symbol On For A Much Cleaner Look

envyswrath said: May I ask if the cotton jersey fabric you recommended for the Jade Harley skirt is more of a flowy fabric/easy to move in? I'm sewing for the first time with a sewing machine, I just need a little guidance is all :)

Cotton Jersey Comes In A Verity Of Weights But Generally Speaking Is More Light Weight And Easy To Move Around In

It Can Occasionally Be Difficult To Sew But The Results Are Always Extremely Comfortable

Anonymous said: What is interfacing and how does it work??

i’m just gonna

Anonymous said: Hi! Okay, so I'm just learning how to sew and was wondering if you might have some advice?

practice, that’s really it. There is no secret advice, it’s just a matter of practicing a lot and being open to learning until you get better. 

kasamon said: I don't know if they just aren't loading, but there are no tabs on the top of your blog page...

i’ve never had someone else say they couldn’t see them, and i can see them so I dunno? maybe it’s the browser you’re using?

nous-serons said: Hey! I saw you mentioned an FAQ, though I have no idea where to find that on this blog... ono

if you look at my blog there are tabs along the top, one of them says faq :u

why-cant-i-use-spaces said: What type of fabric do you recommend for god tier cosplays? I'm preferably looking for something lightweight.

please check my faq before asking me question ;;

Anonymous said: How well would your boot cover tutorial work with wedge heels/how would I adapt it for wedge heels? My cosplay isnt really supposed to have heels, but I figured that a small wedge would be acceptable

It Should Work Exactly The Same As Shown In The Tutorial Since You Will Be Tracing Your Shoe To Get The Exact Shape You Will Be Able TO Use Mostly Any Type Will Excellent Results

Anonymous said: I hate to be a pain up the butt but I'm planning a God Tier Meulin cosplay, and I have no idea what material to use for the tunic! what do you suggest?

thick cotton jersey or milskin matte spandex!! if you don’t use a stretchy material you’re going to have to put in some kind of opening (zipper, etc) and fit it, which is a pain in the butt for something so simple. I’d definitely stick with a stretch!!

Anonymous said: sewign is so much fun omg especially pajamas now i have pajamas!!!!!! :D

i was gonna reply to this the other day and be like wow i’m jealous i’ve never actually made something to wear for myself besides a costume BUT NOW I HAVE A ONE PIECE BLAZER YEAHHHH

grats on your jammies!!! making stuff to wear not for cosplay stuff is actually really fun c: